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There are messages currently floating around purporting that we have gone or are going bankrupt. These are simply not true. Please call us if you have any questions; we are very much still here and available to help you.

You can reach us at (800) 869-6986 or, or by clicking here: Contact Tech Support.

-Cheetah International Tech Support

Professional Computer Aided Transcription with SmartCAT

SmartCAT™(TurboCAT™ for Windows) is the state-of-the-art Windows software for Court Reporters, deposition reporters, and other stenographers who need a fast, simple, comprehensive program to produce professional transcripts quickly and easily.

It's also perfect for CART and Web transcriptionists, who want something quick and simple to get your translations quickly and easily to your clients with a minimum of fuss

Time is money, and SmartCAT™(TurboCAT™ for Windows) is designed to save you both. We designed SmartCAT™(TurboCAT™ for Windows) to work the way you want it to. Speed, power and efficiency are built in to make you more productive in less time.

SmartCAT™(TurboCAT™ for Windows) is a complete solution for all of your transcription needs. For Realtime, Audio, Computer Integrated Courtrooms- SmartCAT™(TurboCAT™ for Windows) can handle it all. Download the demo today and see why SmartCAT™(TurboCAT™ for Windows) is the professional’s choice!

SmartCAT™ - No-risk free trial

Try SmartCAT™(TurboCAT™ for Windows) free for 7 days.

SmartCAT™ Training

We offer SmartCAT™(TurboCAT™ for Windows) training in various U.S. cities each month. Check out the SmartCAT™(TurboCAT™ for Windows) training near you!

SmartCAT™ Support

Technical support is available to customers with or without a support contract. View our Support Policy and benefits of being on-maintenance pages for more info.

SmartCAT Free Trial

Captioning (Closed or Open) with the CAPtivator Series

Place open or closed captions on a videotape today and deliver to your client tomorrow! CAPtivator NL will assist in getting the job completed today!

CAPtivator NL is Cheetah International’s most powerful and well-designed post-production Windows-based closed captioning and subtitling software.

CAPtivator NL takes captioning to a new level of efficiency by allowing you to substantially increase your production capacity today without significant equipment costs.

Captivator NLCall today for details, we are here to help! If you're interested in Captivator NL you can try CAPtivator NL free for 7 days.

Captivator NL Free Trial
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