Since 1987


FoniksWriter was discontinued on Jan 1, 2000

The Fon'iksWriter is a combined notebook computer and steno keyboard. It includes a full DOS/Windows computer with an LCD screen, as much as 32MB of RAM memory, and an optional 1.2GB hard drive. It allows reporters and captioners to carry a single unit rather than separate steno machine and notebook computer. The Fon'iksWriter also has numerous features and capabilities that are not available in today's traditional court reporting machines, such as:

  • All keys are electronically adjustable - no screwdriver required!
  • Key adjustments can easily be transferred to another machine
  • Can connect to a computerís QWERTY keyboard port, allowing high-speed text input into virtually any program in DOS, Windows, OS/2, or UNIX
  • Plug a VGA computer monitor directly into the Fon'iks machine to display realtime text
  • Thermal paper - no ink or ribbons required!
  • Print in steno (standard format or compressed), English, or both
  • Writer includes built-in theory tutorial and drills at no extra charge
  • Tilt tripod and carrying case with wheels included in base price
  • Can be used either with the Fon'iksLogic writing system, or traditional machine shorthand theories

FoniksWriter was discontinued on Jan 1, 2000

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